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Project Stories


Article by the Vietnam Network of People living with HIV (VNP+)

In the last three years, there have been few to zero HIV courses in Vietnam for the PLHIV community – VNP+, with the support of Gilead, conducted a Training of Trainer course, and hosted a community forum with 700 participants.


Fearless Night - Innovating Sexual Health Education

Article written by the Taiwan Love and Hope Association

The Taiwan Love and Hope Association hosted its third Fearless Night during the Spring Festival... and an 800-strong crowd turned up.

“I am an AIDS-Free Runner” Charity Run

Article written by the Hong Kong AIDS Foundation

Hong Kong AIDS Foundation invites everyone to join our annual, “I am an AIDS-Free Runner” Charity Run this World AIDS Day, December 1, 2019!


learning from the Getting to Zero (GTZ) initiative

Article written by Taiwan Lourdes Association

The Taiwan Lourdes Association (TLA) with Gilead’s support organized a group study trip to San Francisco to learn about the Getting to Zero (GTZ) initiative.

International Day Against Homophobia

Article written by the Sinnaneun Center Association

Today, the LGBTQ+ community in Korea still fights the antiquated stigma and propaganda that equates “homosexuality with HIV/AIDS and HIV/AIDS with death”.


HIV/AIDS Open Exhibition in Taiwan

Article written by the Persons with HIV/AIDS Rights Advocacy Association of Taiwan

We were throwing out ideas on how to increase awareness of the organization, when I decided to, jokingly, speak about organizing an open exhibition... Less than a year later, at PRAA, we began giving one-on-one tours.


Meet Oogachaga, Singapore's LGBTQ-affirming counselling organization

By Oogachaga

Leow Yangfa, Executive Director of Oogachaga explains how the Asia Pacific Rainbow Grant helped support the organization in their mission to build resilience in the LGBTQ+ community in Singapore.


By Society for AIDS Care

 Alice Chan, CEO of Society for AIDS Care Hong Kong, describes the goals of the organization as they roll out a mobile application for youths, and urge HIV+ patients to seek treatment.