Key takeaways from APCOM X Gilead Sciences HIV Community Masterclass Asia Series

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Key takeaways from APCOM X Gilead Sciences HIV Community Masterclass Asia Series

Introducing the HIV Community Masterclass Asia series

Although global attention has been dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, HIV remains one of the world’s major public health challenges.

One silver lining is that decades of experience from the HIV/AIDS epidemic offers valuable insights for fighting COVID-19 and vice versa. In view of this opportunity for learning, Gilead and APCOM Foundation have come together to host a virtual HIV Community Masterclass Series for communities in Asia Pacific to share their experiences and exchange best practices. These interactive sessions presented a unique opportunity to hear from leading experts, share local perspectives and learn from peers in the HIV space in Asia.

#1 HIV Community Masterclass: Innovating for Success

Under the theme “Innovating for Success”, the first session explored creative approaches to campaign design and service delivery. Participants learnt about using digital channels to design effective and engaging campaigns that raise awareness and drive behavioral change, as well as the importance of organizational transformation to meet evolving needs in HIV care.  

#2 HIV Community Masterclass: Peer Support for Better Quality Care

This instalment focused on how to best support people living with HIV. Participants learnt about the importance of well-designed social support models and understood how to ensure that such programs are carried out in an effective and impactful manner.    

#3 HIV Community Masterclass: Going Beyond 90-90-90

The third and final session focused on how to achieve the 95-95-95 Global Aids Strategy goals through innovation, improving needs-based services, empowering key populations, and leveraging networks of support. Participants learnt about success cases from the Asia-Pacific region to move beyond the 90-90-90 goals, and towards ending AIDS by 2030.

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