Love foundation encourages youths to #SpeakOut

Love Foundation

In 2019, the Love Foundation launched its Speak Out campaign across various social media platforms to enhance HIV education and awareness among young people in Thailand. Join us as Teak Sowaprux, Co-founder of Love Foundation, shares the organization’s vision to destigmatize conversations about HIV and foster an open environment for information sharing.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, with social media as the primary communication tool, Love Foundation effectively utilized these platforms to spread HIV awareness and education. The campaign garnered significant engagement, including 21,028 likes, 21,377 followers, and reached 2,409,954 viewers with 238,742 engagements. Through content voiced by doctors and community influencers, the campaign offered diverse perspectives, fostering meaningful conversations and community involvement in HIV education.

 Learn more about the campaign’s presentation and report here.